to the whimsical world of Mally McCoy...

....a world of tranquility and nostalgia.  Step back with me to a time when life was more subdued...... a time when Afternoon Tea meant dressing up and setting the table with your finest linens and most beloved china.... when your guests might be two dolls and a teddy bear.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating clothing for a variety of dolls.  Each ensemble is lovingly made in my sewing studio.  Most are one-of-a-kind, with an occasional small limited edition.

I am known for my whimsical style... whether it be the design of a sweater, the fabric combination, or the entire concept that surrounds the ensemble.  It is this creative process that makes what I do so much fun.

My hope is that Mally McCoy Tea Party Wear will inspire a sense of nostalgia for the simple pleasures of life..... before the world of e-mail, cell phones, video games, and styrofoam cups..... When Afternoon Tea or a stroll on the beach with a friend made your day special.

You are cordially invited to join me and my dolls in the special, whimsical world of Mally McCoy.

I currently sew for the following dolls:

Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) by:

Kim Lasher
Kaye Wiggs
Berdine Creedy
Bo Bergemann
Lorella Falconi
Vinyl dolls by:

Heidi Plusczok (21" and 22")
Helen Kish (12", 14", and 16")
Dianna Effner Little Darlings
Sonja Hartmann Kidz 'n' Cats

Please visit my Facebook page and my Flickr page, where you can view represenative samples of my work.  If you would like to purchase a Mally McCoy Tea Party Wear ensemble for your doll, you are invited to join my email list to receive notification of new listings.  My principal sales venue is via this website.  When something new is listed, I send out a notification email to my list, with a link to the sales page.  To join the email list, simply put your name and email in the table provided below and click "sign up".

I also accept commissions on a time-available basis.  If you would like to commission an outfit for your doll, please contact me via email at: karenh @ mallymccoy.com (remove spaces before and after the "@").

Thank you for visiting!